Ruthin Art Trail aims to encourage visitors to Ruthin Craft Centre to visit the centre of town, and to link the community of Ruthin with the Craft Centre. The Trail is designed by Fred Baier and Lucy Strachan and encourages people to look and through looking discover the beauty and mysteries of the town.

You can discover the 10 spy holes set into the town walls and spot the 22 figures hidden amongst the facades and roofs around the town. While searching for these figures there is every chance that you will notice, and for locals to be reminded, how beautiful the town is, and how the architecture from many centuries sits harmoniously together.

The intention of the Art Trail is that visitors will be rewarded by chance sightings of the acrobatic figures and appreciate the allusions to myths memories and historic moments captured in the spy hole tableaux.

The Trail is enhanced by restoring some of the avenue of trees in Market Street, and trees feature in other parts of the Trail. You will be able to identify the trees by the distinctive tree guards. There is also a shelter in Market Street, with a new hornbeam hedge behind it and 6 benches along the route of the Trail to have a rest. There are also red markers in the pavement at key points in the Trail, including by each of the 10 spy holes.

The objects designed by Fred Baier and Lucy Strachan have a common language created through the materials and the construction process, and all the metal in the Trail has been cut from two dimensions and bent into three dimensions.

You will be able to print out the leaflet that includes a map of the Trail from this website and you can also download the audio guide to your telephone or MP3 player.